A Thank You to Tea and Toast

Recently I’ve been bloody obsessed with a lovely bit of tea and toast. I’ve finally realised how underrated it is and todays post is pretty much going to be me telling you why ; )

Tea and toast has been a massive comfort to me this past couple of weeks when I’ve just been feeling a little down. It’s such a lovely comfort food. It’s quick to make and it’s yummy. Not to mention all of the variables of this very simple little meal (variables which I will further discuss later). Its the warmth of the tea and the crunch of the toast. It’s the way it just feels so familiar. There’s nothing fancy or complicated about a good bit of tea and toast (unless of course you want there to be). It doesn’t try to be something it’s not, it can be good for and it can be a good treat, and as someone who’s God awful at cooking it’s a massive relief to come home to after a long day at uni.

I love toast with butter and/or jam, Nutella spread or marshmallow fluff, or something healthier like some Avocado or egg or a nice cheese spread. You can have it with almost everything. My flat mate eats it with mayo on top! Same goes with tea. If it’s a plain cuppa you love then go for it and if you don’t, or want to try something a little more exciting or different, there are fruit teas, herbal teas, teas that taste like cakes and sweets. Heck, coffee is just as good and with just as many variants! And don’t forget all the different types of bread.

Tea and toast is a snuggle down meal and a get up and go meal, it all depends on the time of the day. It’s what my Welsh family would call hearty. There’s something about it that makes me feel good inside, something that calms me. Maybe it’s just the simple act of taking five minutes out of the day to pop the kettle on and flick the switch on the toaster.

I love the meal in my room with just the lamp and some fairy lights on, some YouTube or a TV show playing in the background. It’s a shared love amongst my flat mates and we all seem to take solace in the part of a day where we have time for a cheeky slice and a nice hot cuppa.

So thanks, tea and toast, for getting me through “one of those weeks.” Incidentally one of those weeks when you just need to have a bit of tea and toast : )




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