Going Cruelty Free: Step One

So a number of months ago now I stumbled across the cruelty free makeup community. I’d always known that cruelty free makeup existed but it always seemed so expensive and inaccessible to me. I’d also never really thought about why it was important. I can’t remember the exact moment I made the decision to attempt to go cruelty free but I know that it came from falling down the rabbit hole of cruelty free makeup videos and blogposts online.

I think the inspiration to start showing a little bit of consideration for these kinds of things came from being surrounded by people who do. Since moving into university, I now live with two vegetarians, have a vegetarian boyfriend and a number of friends and family members who have made the decision to go vegan. While I have not made the choice to join them in that aspect and have varying views on the use of animals etc, I was inspired by them to take a small step in making a change and for me a logical place to start was with the beauty products I use.


After making the decision the first step I decided to take was of course research, and honestly I’m still lingering in this step and think that it will be one that has to continue to be a part of my cruelty free journey. Research has both been harder and easier than I thought it would be and it’s sort of tricky to explain why but I’m going to give it a crack. So the easier part is that there are tons of resources out there. There are blogs, channels and websites dedicated to making your cruelty free choices easier. One of the most helpful for me has been Logical Harmony’s blog and YouTube channel. I think it’s a great place to start as it has all the basic information right there for you. The only issue I’ve found is that the brands mentioned can be a little US based and lean towards higher end in some aspects.

Another easy aspect of this has been that a lot of the cheaper brands that I already know and love actually have turned out to be cruelty free. Brands like Superdrug, Balis and Harding, W7 and Lush all have cruelty free products that aren’t too harsh on the wallet and likewise aren’t too hard to find.

The trickiest part of the research process has been how complicated animal testing laws and claims can be. Some companies claim not to test on animals but are owned by parent companies that do etc and this means that attempting to make the ethical decision can be confusing and difficult. I’m trying to approach this with a very relaxed attitude, laying the focus on educating myself. I’m open to making mistakes,  not being too harsh, accepting some products in my collection will have to remain for the time being and that for now I’m not going to get bogged down with ideas of parent companies etc until I can understand what the implications are better. I’m open to learning and for the time being I’m not going to be too strict with myself. This is about me making small and gradual changes.

As I mentioned before, I think I’ll forever be stuck in the research stage, but the stage I’ve been moving into now that I have some of the basic information is what I’m calling “the use up.” I’m not willing to throw away all of the cruel beauty products I own as not only is it a complete waste but I am not in the financial position to be able to go out and immediately buy replacements. For that reason I’ve gone through what I own and tried to spit it up into cruelty free and otherwise and am prioritising using up what’s not cruelty free so that when it’s all done I can focus on finding a cruelty free replacement.

So all of this has kind of been my step one in going cruelty free and hopefully I’ll keep you guys updated with the steps I find myself taking following this. If you think there’s anything I should know about the transition, or products or resources you would recommend, please let me know in the comments. Would you ever consider the switch? Yes or no I would love to know why and we’ll always reserve judgement here so long as all comments are respectful and open minded. Thank you!


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