autumn is coming, did you hear?


You’ve probably already noticed, or if you haven’t, been told, that it’s already September. And what’s happens in September? The autumnal craze begins of course. Now I would love to sit here and tell you that I’m not one of those people who goes banana’s the minute the leaves start turning brown  but then I would just be lying. I am in fact an autumn lover and I just wanted to make a positive little post about why that is.

Cold weather means warm clothes – I love layers and snuggling, hats and gloves and I always look forward to getting to pull out all my comfortable oversized jumpers and baggy hoodies, and just generally enjoy the feeling fashionable as well as snuggled up cosy.

Autumn makes for a great aesthetic – if you saw my last post then you’ll know that many people describe my aesthetic as cosy and so of course autumn is a fun season for me. I love the browns and greens and reds, and I love the knitted, bobbley textures. Autumn is indeed beautiful to look at.

Autumn is a great time for self care – when it’s a bit sad looking weather wise outside I always feel more of a need to take care of myself. I think autumn is a time when lots of people pamper themselves a bit more whether it be through coffee or long baths, beautiful walks, cosy nights in or time to sit and think, autumn pulls us all into ourselves a bit I think.

Autumn is a great time to read and write – maybe its the colour or the fact there is  less of an inclination to go outside but writing always comes more naturally to me in the autumn and winter months. I’m inspired by nature and the structure I have and find writing and reading a lovely way to relax in the autumn. I start to see it as a hobby rather than a chore again.

Autumn is a good time to start over – maybe it’s because I’m still within the education system, but September and the beginning of Autumn have always been good times for me to take inventory of my life and work out how to move forward with a fresh attitude and positive habits. Unlike the traditional spring clean, I’ve always like to clean myself and my life up in the Autumn ready for the start of a new academic year as well as the coming of the New Year itself.

Crisp leaves, fresh cold air and dimly lit nights are simple pleasures that I love to take from the Autumnal season. Autumn is my mind set changing attitude following a fun but high pressure to have experiences summer. Autumn forces me to reflect and be grateful and enjoy the little moments separate from worrying about the bigger structures of life.

What do you think of when you think of Autumn? What does it mean to you?